The Doom of Bloggers Block

Up until two months ago, my main problem with blogging was that I could not find enough time to read books and write posts about them. I was blissfully ignorant, unaware that there was even such a thing as a writers block concerning blogging. But there is such a thing, which the internet has 'lovingly' dubbed the bloggers block. And guess what? I've caught the virus and have no idea how to get rid of the sodding thing!

Basically, I haven't felt inspired to write posts. My reviews seem really repetitive and I can't even be bothered with creating new mixes for books. I've been reading a steady amount of books and have a continuously growing list of reviews that I need to write - but I can't commit to actually writing them. I've tried everything but so far my bloggers block is still present.

Suggestions on how to fix this are welcome, as are opinions on which posts you'd like to see more of (reviews, recommendations, dreamcasts, fanmixes etc.). For now, this is an update on why there have barely been any new posts.

Thanks for the patience everyone!

Brilliant Bookshelf

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