Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Top Eight Characters I'd Name My Children After

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish. Want to participate? Head over to their blog and find out how it works!  This week's Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie, but I simply could not come up with anything. That's why I've decided to do an old one: Top Eight Characters I'd Name My Children After.

1. Cecilia (Atonement)
Ever since I read Atonement, the name Cecilia has stayed in my mind. It's really pretty and not that common in The Netherlands. It would be perfect for a girl!

2. Nate/Nathaniel (Gossip Girl)
This is going to sound so weird but I've loved this name ever since I first started reading and watching the Gossip Girl series. Nathaniel is a a weird name to give to a child in a non-English country, but Nate or Nathan could work. I'm secretly hoping my future boyfriend/husband will like the name just as much.

3. Isabelle (Harry Potter)
I've always found the name Isabelle or Isabella charming. Coincidentally, it's Fleur Delacour's second name and I'm a sucker for French sounding names.

4. Aidan (Harry Potter)
In the Quidditch World Cup, the Irish Seekr was named Aidan. 1. I love Quidditch (who doesn't). 2. It's short and simple, but still uncommon around here. However, I know for a fact that my sister likes the name too, so maybe she'll beat me to it?

5. Gemma (A Great And Terrible Beauty)
I haven't actually read A Great and Terrible Beauty, but it has been on my TBR-list for a long time. The name Gemma Doyle kept popping up and I think it would be lovely for a girl. There could be a lot of trouble with the pronunciation, but it's not like that hasn't already happened with my own name.

6. Edmund (The Chronicles of Narnia)
Edmund Pevensie is actually one of my favorite literary characters because he went through a massive amount of character growth. Only 1 boy was named Edmund in 2014 in The Netherlands, so at the very least it would be original.

7. Lydia (Pride and Prejudice)
I disliked Lydia Bennet when I first read Pride and Prejudice, and I still do. The name would be really cute for a girl though.

8. Isaac (The Fault in Our Stars)
Isaac might be well known from the bible, but is also the name of a character in The Fault in Our Stars. Whenever I hear the name, I picture a boy with a good sense of humor. Fun fact: Isaac means Laughter in Hebrew.

What literary character would you name your child after? Tell me in a comment!

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