Review: Once Upon an Ever After

◆ Once Upon an Ever After by Angela J. Blount
◆ Read December 2014
◆ English Edition
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❝ When Angeli left Minnesota on a post-high school road trip, all she wanted was to see the East Coast and finally meet some of her online friends. She didn't expect to end up in a long-distance relationship with a computer-savvy Southern boy. Yet Vincent seems determined to defy the odds. To prove his intentions, he sets off on his own quest to visit Angeli and win her family's approval. But along the way he’ll have to contend with her offbeat friends, trigger-happy father, and a few questionable run-ins with Northern hospitality. 

South meets North this time around, and "normal" isn't anywhere on the map.

With a thousand miles and radically different upbringings between them, can Angeli and Vincent forge a forever-worthy bond? Or are the roadblocks they face too much for either of them to overcome?
The author provided me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. I did not read the first book because of a tight reviewing-schedule, hence the reason why I can't compare the two. 

Despite this being a sequel, it read perfectly well as a standalone. The author linked back to the previous back multiple times and enough details were shared in these cases for the story to make sense. She did not too much information about the previous book though, so it won't be boring for readers who have read the first book. 

All in all, it was a really quick read for me because the story was told in such a charming (and often funny) narration. It kept me engaged and was upbeat enough to make me keep turning the pages. The story was also really cute and romantic, without it being laid on too thick. The fact that it is based on a true story only added to the charm for me because it depicts how couples go through ups and downs and can still live happily ever after with each other. I'm glad they got their happy ending! 

It's hard to criticize a story when it actually occurred in real life, but it did feel a tiny bit unrealistic to me at times. Angie and Vince's relationship progressed SO quickly that it actually left me baffled. Especially because no one in their surroundings seemed surprised or worried about it? Moreover, the last part of the book felt really rushed. At a certain point Vince expressed thoughts and feelings about marriage and sex that made me hate him a little bit because they were so harsh and inconsiderate. Angie forgave him in the blink of an eye though and the issue wasn't addressed again even though her beliefs made up such an important part of the story. I would've liked for that issue to be explored more. 

Nevertheless, this was an interesting read. I think I'm going to go ahead and read the first book now! (even if it is in the wrong order). If you like books about long distance relationships or romance, Once Upon an Ever After is definitely worth a shot!

3 stars because:
✓ Nice narration
✓ Good depiction of relationships
✗ A bit unrealistic
 Rushed towards end

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