DIY: Christmas Ornament X (Snowflake)

This is the last paper Christmas Ornament that I made. Snce it's a rather large structure, you won't be able to hang it in your tree like the others, but it could look beautiful on the wall or in a window!

  • 6 book pages
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue/tape
  • stapler

STEP 1. Take your stack of book pages and cut them into squares. 

STEP 2. Fold the squares into a triangles. 

STEP 3. Fold the triangles into smaller triangles. 

STEP 4. Cut three parallel lines in the triangle as pictured above. Try to keep the same distance between each cut, and make sure that the cuts do not reach the top of the triangle. 

Folded open, your paper should look something like this. 

STEP 5. Roll the two inner triangles inwards to form a tube. Secure it with a piece of transparent tape. 

STEP 6. Turn the entire square around so it's on its other side, then take the next two paper lines and also fold them into a tube. Secure it with tape once again. 

STEP 7. Turn your paper around again and repeat that process until it looks like this.  

STEP 8. Once you've done that for all six pages, you can take three pieces and staple them together.

STEP 9. Do this for the other three pieces too, then staple the two separate halves you've created together. 

STEP 10. Staple each of the six arms together so that the entire structure will stay put. 

STEP 11. Make a small hole in one of the tips of the snowflake and thread a piece of ribbon through. 

That was the tenth and final DIY for paper Christmas Ornaments. I hope they've been of some use to you. Merry Christmas everybody!

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