DIY: Christmas Ornament VIII (Sphere)

A Christmas tree isn't complete without some Christmas balls/spheres, right? Though this DIY makes use of a lot of book pages, it's sill relatively easy to make. Furthermore, you can make variations by gluing some sides together completely and others only halfway.

  • 15 book pages
  • ribbon
  • a round object
  • scissors
  • glue

STEP 1. Find yourself a round object, put it on a book page and trace the shape with a pencil. Do this 15 times in total. I chose the lid of a cookie jar, but you can use whatever you like, depending on what size you want your sphere to be. 

STEP 2. Cut out the 15 circles. 

STEP 3. Fold each circle in half. 

STEP 4. Glue the halves of two separate circles together. Do this until all of the 15 circles are joined together. DO NOT glue together the last two halves that are already aligned to other halves. 

It should look something like this. 

STEP 5. Fold open the remaining two halves and glue a piece of ribbon alongside the middle as shown above. 

STEP 6. Glue he two remaining halves together. You now have a Christmas sphere!

Tonight is Christmas eve! What are your plans?

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