DIY: Christmas Ornament VII (Christmas Bell)

For some reason I always associate bells with Christmas. This tutorial is pretty similar to the Christmas tree one, but here come the instructions anyway! Unfortunately the photos have turned out slightly blurry because of lightning. 

  • 5 book pages
  • christmas bell template [x]
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue
STEP 1. Download and print out the template for the christmas bell.  

STEP 2. Cut out the shape. 

STEP 3. Put the cut-out on a book page and trace the shape with a pencil. Do this 5 times. 

STEP 4. Cut out the shape you just traced. 

STEP 5. Fold each of the five bells in half. 

STEP 6. Glue the halves of two separate bells together. Do this until all of the five bells are joined together. DO NOT glue together the last two halves that are already aligned to other halves. 

STEP 7. Fold open the remaining two halves and glue a piece of ribbon alongside the middle as shown above. 

STEP 8. Glue together the last two remaining halves, and there's your Christmas bell!

It's almost Christmas time. How have you decorated your tree this year? Tell me in a comment!

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