DIY: Christmas Ornament IX (Bird)

My mother always put little bird ornaments in our Christmas tree so I've come to associate them with Christmas. Made out of book pages, these little birds make a wonderful addition!

  • 2 book pages
  • bird template [x]
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • (glue)

STEP 1Download and print out the template for the bird.

STEP 2. Cut out the three seperate pieces. 

STEP 3. Put the three separate cut-outs on a book page and trace the shape with a pencil. 

STEP 4. Cut out the shapes you just traced.

STEP 5. Put the original printed template exactly on top of the cut-out and make cuts where a black line signifies you to do so. Do this for all three parts. 

STEP 6. Slide the wings in the cut on the back of the bird and fold them backwards slightly. If you want the wings to stay put, you can put a bit of glue in the cut.

STEP 7. Do the same thing for the tail. 

STEP 8. Draw an eye on both sides with a pen or marker. 

STEP 9. Make a hole, thread a piece of ribbon through and your bird is ready to be hung in the tree!

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