DIY: Christmas Ornament IV (Snowman)

Do you want to build a snowmaaaan? Though it's not typical for Christmas per se, it does get you in the winter mood. Moreover, this ornament is especially fun to make.

  • 5 book pages
  • snowman template [x]
  • 2 types of ribbon
  • 2 small sticks
  • scissors
  • glue

STEP 1. Download and print out the template. 

STEP 2. Cut out the shape of the snowman. 

STEP 4. Put the snowman on a book page and trace the shape with a pencil. Do this five times in total. 

STEP 5. Cut out the five shapes.

STEP 6. Fold each of the five shapes in half separately, like so. 

STEP 7. Glue two halves together and keep going until you've used all five cut-outs. DO NOT glue together the last two halves that are already aligned to other halves.

*If you want to incorporate little sticks as arms, do it at this point. You can glue the sticks between two halves. 

STEP 8. Fold open the remaining two halves and glue a piece of ribbon to them, as pictured above. 

STEP 9. Take a different piece of ribbon and tie it around the head like a scarf. Once you've done that, you've got a cute little snowman!

Let me know in a comment if the tutorial worked for you. I'd love to see pictures!

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