DIY: Christmas Ornament II (Pop-Up Star)

The second tutorial is for this pop-up Christmas star! I think this might be one of my favorites because it fits in with the rest of the tree ornaments perfectly! 

  • 2 book pages
  • star template [x]
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • glue

STEP 1. First things first: download and print the star template. 

STEP 2. Cut out the star-like shape. 

STEP 3. Put the cut-out on a book page and trace the shape with a pencil. 

STEP 4. Cut the shape out once again. 

STEP 5. Fold your shape in half, the way it's pictured above. Do this for all the sides of the shape. 

STEP 6. Turn the shape around so it's on its other side, then fold it like pictured above. Once again, do this for all the sides of the shape. 

When you fold out the shape, it should have valley and mountain folds like this.

STEP 7. Fold the edges of each 'leg' inwards. If you're not really sure how to fold them, check out the dotted lines on the original template! Once you've folded all sides, your paper will be shaped like an actual star. 

STEP 8. Turn your star around and glue the edges/little triangles together so that the whole shape will stay put. It should look like this. 

STEP 8. Take the second book page and glue the star on it with the front facing upwards (obviously). 

STEP 9. Cut out the shape of the star. 

And tadaaa, there is your pop-up star! 

STEP 10. Last but not least, make a small hole with a needle (or another pointed object) in one of the 8 points of the star and thread a piece of ribbon through. This will allow you to hang the ornament, be it in the Christmas tree or somewhere else. 

That's it for the second Christmas ornament in my DIY-series. Let me know in a comment what you think of it!

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