Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don't Own Yet

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1. Tell The Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt
Everybody keeps reminding me that I should read this book, and I want to, I just haven't found the time for it yet. Other books usually had more priority but I love the title and the plot sounds really interesting, so hopefully I will buy it in the near future. 

2. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
The author might be better known as J.K. Rowling. I really loved the first book (more than I expected to) so I'm really happy that the second book is out now. I already saw it in the bookstores just last week so one of these days I will purchase it.

3. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
This book has been a #1 bestselling novel in The Netherlands for a quite a long time, apparently unbeatable, and I think it won a Pulitzer price? Needless to say, I'm under impression that this book is brilliant and really want to read it. It was really expensive when it first came out which is the main reason why I, perpetually broke as I am, did not buy it earlier.

4. Fairest by Marissa Meyer
Another book from The Lunar Chronicles! I'm all for villains who have a good backstory that explains their behaviour, and don't believe in pure evil. Therefore, I can't wait to read about Queen Levana's story. 

5. Amsterdam by Ian McEwan
Ian McEwan is one of my favorite author's and Amsterdam is often recommended as one of his best books (yet to deceiver if this is true, because come on, Atonement!). I'm slowly making my way through all of his books and this one is next!

6. The Winds of Winter by George R.R Martin
Fine, so I haven't actually finished all of the other books in the series and this hasn't actually been released yet, but I want it. Badly!

7. The Unbound by Victoria Schwab
I thought the first book was very original and I'm really curious about this one. Will probably be reading this soonish!

8. Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh
The author's blog posts often had me laughing out loud and I expect nothing less of her book. I just need to figure out where to buy it!

(I'm stopping at 8 because I literally can't think of any more books that aren't already waiting on my bookshelf)

What are some books that you really want to get your hands on? Tell me in a comment!

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