End of Summer Update

Hello readers,

That's right, it's that time of the year again where I have to unfortunately announce that I will be a little less active in comparison to last month. University starts again tomorrow, and though I'm excited about it, it also means that I will be spending many more hours in the school library studying, and less hours blogging.

However, I've put in a lot of effort during summer break to change the interface of Brilliant Bookshelf and develop some new features, with success! Some of these features have been online for a while already so you might have noticed already, but just to sum it up Brilliant Bookshelf has acquired:
  • Page navigation
    Sometime during my changes in the layout of the blog, the page navigation got lost. I only realized about a month ago and I apologize for the inconvenience. It's now possible to navigate between older and newer posts again.
  • New post banners
    With new features, it was about time for new banners too. Examples of these banners can be seen in posts with Recommendations or Fanmix Friday.
  • Tumblr page
    After a long absence, the Tumblr sideblog for Brilliant Bookshelf is back in the air! Click to check it out [x]
  • Recommendations
    Speaking of the devil, I've been meaning to post recommendations for months. My first suggestion of the idea was back in February, I just never really got around to it. However, it is now an official part of the blog, check it out here [x]
  • Fanmix Friday
    I've been silently mulling over the idea of fanmixes for books for a few months now and have finally put the plan into action. In Fanmix Friday, literature and music are combined. Some particular scenes in books make me think of certain songs. I incorporate these songs in fanmixes. Check it out here [x]
  • From Paper To Screen
    This particular feature has not made its appearance on the blog yet, but I already have a post waiting in the draft section. From Paper To Screen is a seasonal post about upcoming movies that are based on books. The first post will be uploaded somewhere in September.
What else? I'm accepting advanced reading copies/ free copies of books again and will write an honest review in return. In the past few weeks I've been overwhelmed with messages which is very nice, but it also means that it will take me longer to finish these books so please keep that in mind. 

As for now, I'll continue to read books and post on my blog, just less frequently than in August and July. My next review will be about The Queen of the Tearling so look out for that, and don't forget to enter my current giveaway! Who doesn't like a free book, right? :)


Brilliant Bookshelf

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