TV Shows Adapted From Books That You'll Love

It's not exactly a secret that I watch a lot of TV series. And by a lot, I really mean a lot (definitely more than 15 at the time, where do I even find the time?). I've taken the liberty of selecting some books that have been adapted into TV Shows that you will surely love if you're into books and TV shows! They are as good as the book(s), sometimes even better in their portrayal! 

- Game of Thrones based on A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
This is an obvious choice maybe, but it doesn't make the series any less impressive. A Song of Ice and Fire is a very complex book series with a wide variety of plots and characters, yet the TV show manages to adapt it perfectly again and again.

-  Hannibal based on Red Dragon by Thomas Harris
Based on characters from Red Dragon, this is the story of what happened before The book. Very intriguing and also pretty creepy at some points. Plus point: some male characters from the book have been turned into female characters for the TV show!

- BBC's Sherlock based on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
This is a modern adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories that pretty much everyone is familiar with these days. Each case is incorporated in a way that you as a viewer get to think along with Sherlock and Watson. Furthermore, it's filmed and edited in a very creative way, with lots of closeups, slow-motion, text effects etc. that make it all the more enjoyable to watch.

- HBO's The Pacific based on With The Old Breed by Eugene Sledge and Helmet For My Pillow by Robert Leckie
This features the stories of Sledge and Leckie, whom are my main characters in the 10-part miniseries, along with that of their fellow marines during WWII in The Pacific. Produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, the series leaves nothing to the imagination and shows us the terrifying and harsh circumstances the marines had to go through in their fight against the Japanese.

- Justified based on Fire in the Hole by Elmore Leonard
Justified is an allround fun and enjoyable adaption that features characters with country drawls, guns, a lot of shooting, a signature cowboy hat, the police, bad guys and a really decent plot. Every episode is interesting from start from finish and I personally really love that it is set in a small town of the countryside. where at times different rules of conduct seem to apply.

- The White Queen based on The White Queen by Philippa Gregory
Truth be told this isn't the best TV-show out there, but the TV adaption was much better than the book and very exciting from start to finish. If anything seems historically inaccurate (which it will) it is only because the producers followed the book from beginning to end.
-  Pillars of the Earth based on Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
Truth be told, I have only read about 1/6th of the book before I put it on hold in favor of shorter books, but I really liked the writing and the TV Show is without a doubt one of my all time favorites. It features so many brilliant actors and I adore the beautifully filmed scenes.

- Band of Brothers based on Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose.
Though the book of the same name is good, the TV adaption is a thousand times better. Nothing less can be expected ofcourse from Hanks and Spielberg, but this is a truly beautiful but brutal telling of what the men of Easy Company went through. It's a must see for everyone who is interested in WWII

- Birdsong based on Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks
Again a telling of the war, only this time WWI. It shows us the horrors of the war, while also incorporating a tragic love story that is extremely well acted by Poesy and Redmayne. This is a two-part miniseries with breathtaking scenery.

- Millennium based on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo etc.
When I say the Millenium TV miniseries, I mean the Swedish one. It is in my opinion the best adaption of the trilogy by Stieg Larsson, mainly because it is in Swedisch, which is mother tongue the book characters speak, but also because it is brutally honest and realistic. It seems much less dramatized than the American version does, which is why I like this one best.

Are there any TV shows adapted from books that you really like on this list or that you would recommend? Let me know in a comment!

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