Top Ten Tuesday Freebie: Top Ten Favorite Literary Characters

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This week's theme is Freebie. Since I've not yet talked about characters on my blog, I decided  to go with Top Ten Favorite Literary Characters!

1. Ron Weasley
Ron is one of the most realistic, flawed characters I've ever read about. He made many mistakes, and has always been insecure about being the youngest in a big family, but he is also the one to make the funniest remarks in all of the Harry Potter books and I generally imagine him as the person you'd want as a best friend in real life.

2. Hermione Granger
Hermione from Harry Potter is the female character I identified with most, when I was 12, but still when I was 17 and maybe even a little bit today. She's an incredible nerd, portraying signs of being a know it all and a book lover throughout the entire book series, and kicking ass because of it. It showed me that it is okay to love to read and learn things, and that it is okay to be proud of being smart.

3. Sansa Stark
So many people loathe Sansa because she was so occupied with dolls, songs, dresses etc. in the first book of a Song of Ice and Fire. However, she has been through so much shit (I really can't put it differently) yet still manages to keep her head high and live among her torturers everyday. She's like a chameleon, silently bidding her time until she can strike and take all that was taken from her. I still have high hopes that Sansa will somehow end up Queen and will fulfill the role graciously and just.

4. Rudy Steiner
My heart melts and breaks at the same time every time I think of Rudy. He stole my heart from the very moment he is introduced in The Book Thief. How can you not love a boy who paints his face black like Jesse Owens in Nazi-Germany of all places, who persistently chases a girl for a kiss, who wades into an ice cold river to retrieve a book for said girl? Exactly.

5. Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal is without a doubt the most refined and intelligent serial killer I have ever read about. He has really good taste in art, music, and food (except humans, though those are apparently very tasteful?), but is the most terrifying thing at the same time too because he'll kill and eat you skillfully without a second's thought.

6. Edmund Pevensie
Emund from The Chronicles of Narnia is really flawed, even more so than Ron. He very nearly betrayed his family to the White Witch for selfish reasons. This made me loathe him the first time I read C.S. Lewis' book. Yet, when I read the first book again, as well as the others in the series, I fell a little bit in love with Edmund. He is the most realistic of the four Pevensies, and is sweet, brave and especially just (Emund The Just get it?) in the other books.

7. Elizabeth Bennet
I love Lizzie from Pride and Prejudice because she's an intelligent female character. Though prejudiced, she is generally a funny and kind. Furthermore, she refuses to marry someone whom she feels absolutely no affection towards, and stands up for herself. You go girl!

8. Frodo Baggins
Ah, how do I explain why I love Frodo from The Lord of the Rings? There's just something absolutely amazing about going on a dangerous adventure to save your friends and family, especially because he never left Bag End before that. He's a hobbit, which is absolutely adorable in its own right, and my heart goes out to him because he goes through so much torment while on his journey.

9. Esther Greenwood
Esther has become my favorite characters because, while reading The Bell Jar, you get this sense of looking into her head and completely understanding why life torments her so much and why it makes her so desperate to end it. Furthermore, Esther is really ahead of her time and can be considered a feminist.

10. Tobias Eaton
I love Four from Divergent because he is such a complex character. He's courageous with a hard exterior as a Dauntless member, frightened in his fear landscape, haunted by hist past, protective and sweet around Tris. All these different sides make him a very interesting character. It does also help that he is incredibly hot ;)

Which literary character is your favorite and why? Tell me in a comment!

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