The Most Extraordinary Bookstore Of All

Last week found me on vacation with my family, which included a trip to Maastricht. Those familiar with the city will know about the peculiar sight of a bookstore in a church. The bookstore in question, Boekhandel Dominicanen is situated in the Dominicanenkerk, which was build in the 13th century. The church has housed many bookstores over the years, among which Polare, and was closed to the public when I last visited Maastricht due to Polare's bankruptcy. Thankfully, it's open again under a new name, and does it look amazing!

I believe this bookstore to be among the most beautiful ones we have in The Netherlands. There's something absolutely magical about walking into a church to buy books of all things. Not only is its setting so extraordinary, the bookstore sells both new releases as well as secondhand books. There is also a large corner at the back of the church where you can buy yourself a coffee, a piece of cake and relax in one of the seats, with or without a book to pass the time.

Feel like visiting Boekhandel Dominicanen? You can visit their website here


Brilliant Bookshelf

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