April Book Haul

This is not so much a haul as a... gift? I was practically broke all through April. But do not fret! My birthdah was on the 7th of April and I've been gifted with something I've been wishing for a long time now (fun fact: somehow my dad did not know this and bought these gems out of own inspiration, oh how you know me well dad!)

❝ The story of A Song of Ice and Fire takes place on the fictional continents Westeros and Essos, with a history of thousand of years. The point of view of each chapter in the story is a limited perspective of an assortment of characters that grows from nine, in the first, to thrity-one by the fifth novel. Three predominant stories interweave: a dynastic war among several families for control of Westeros; the rising threat of the dormant cold supernatural Others dwelling beyond an immense wall of ice on Westeros' northern border; and the ambition of Daenerys Targaryen, the exiled daughter of a king murdered in a civil war shortly before her birth, to return to Westeros with her fire-breathing dragons and take the iron throne which she believes to be hers by right.
I've read the first two books of A Song of Ice and Fire on my ereader and am absolutely in love with the HBO series that is an adaption of the books. Not only am I so excited to start the third book (I aready have actually), this box is really beautiful and the type of thing any fan should have on their bookshelf!


Brilliant Bookshelf

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