Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List

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1. Buy a Harry Potter book collection
I love these books to bits but shamefully I only own the last book in the series. I borrowed the other books from my local library, which I regret dearly now because they would brighten up my bookcase terrifically.

2. Apply for a part time job in a library or bookstore
I've worked in a library before and I enjoyed it immensely. I am planning on applying for jobs in my new town, but I'm lazy and I keep putting it off for some reason.

3. Collect beautiful editions of children's books
I have this idea that I could buy pretty editions of my own favorite books of my childhood and put them in a box or chest which I can then give to my nephew when he has reached a certain age. Obviously I have to encourage him to read because many boys these days apparently think reading is "stupid"

4. Start book recommendations on this blog
I've been saying this for ages and yet I still haven't gotten around to actually doing it (partly to do with the fact that I can't settle on the design of the rec/page). So seriously, sending me a request would help to get me started!

5. Read The Pillars of the Earth
This is very specific, but definitely bucket list-worthy. The TV series of the same name is one of my favorites and I've been meaning to read the book for so long. The 1000-something pages is kind of an obstacle but I will conquer it one day!

6. Resume reading in different languages
While I was still in High School it was common for me to read in Dutch and English, sometimes even in French. Now that I'm at university and reading is no longer mandatory, I've only read books in English. Such a shame, because I love languages, so I'm very willing to pick my old habit up again.

7. Buy my books in a bookstore
This is also a recent development, but nowadays I always order my books online (an ordeal which has recently proven to not really work out well at all times). This is partially because I haven't really inquired where most bookstores are in Rotterdam, but also because I'm (once again) a lazy person. Actually going into old, new, cozy and grand bookstores used to fill me with such a thrill though and I miss it. Sooo, time to inquire where I shall go!

8. Do a blog post on bookstores
To continue from my previous item on my bucket list, I would love to explore different bookstores and write about it. It would be something among the lines of their Pro's and Con's, availability and my personal favorites.

9. Pick up on my writing
I feel dreadful about not having written a word (outside of papers for uni) for months now. Not only did I had to cope with a writer's block, I could not find the time to just sit down and get some words on paper. These days I'm full of ideas but with zero comprehension on how to write them down. Time to work on this!

10. Create more posts about writing
To keep in the spirit of item 9, I want to post more on my blog about writing. Apart from one post, all content on my blog is about reading so I fully intend to bring some diversity to Brilliant Bookshelf.

What is on your bookish bucket list? Tell me in a comment below!


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