March Book Haul

Here's my march book haul! Unfortunately some books that I ordered via the Book Depository have not reached me so the list is very short.

Here is one of the most riveting first-person accounts to ever come out of World War 2. Robert Leckie was 21 when he enlisted in the US Marine Corps in January 1942. In Helmet for My Pillow we follow his journey, from boot camp on Parris Island, South Carolina, all the way to the raging battles in the Pacific, where some of the war's fiercest fighting took place. Recounting his service with the 1st Marine Division and the brutal action on Guadalcanal, New Britain and Peleliu, Leckie spares no detail of the horrors and sacrifice of war, painting an unsentimental portrait of how real warriors are made, fight, and all too often die in the defence of their country.

From the live-for-today rowdiness of Marines on leave to the terrors of jungle warfare against an enemy determined to fight to the last man, Leckie describes what it's really like when victory can only be measured inch by bloody inch. Unparalleled in its immediacy and accuracy, Helmet for My Pillow tells the gripping true story of an ordinary soldier fighting in extraordinary conditions. This is a book that brings you as close to the mud, the blood, and the experience of war as it is safe to come.❞
Ever since reading Eugene Sledge's account of World War II in his book With The Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa, I've been meaning to read Robert Leckie's book. Both books have been a big inspiration for the HBO mini-series The Pacific, in which both men are featured as main characters. I absolutely loved Sledge's book, but I've heard that Helmet For My Pillow has the prose that the other book missed. Robert Leckie's story is definitely one to be known and since he is said to have such a beautiful writing style.

❝ In de Voedselzandloper bewijst arts Kris Verburgh dat gezond eten van groot belang is bij het jong houden van je lichaam en de preventie van ziektes. De voedselzandloper is gebaseerd op de laatste wetenschappelijke inzichten over voeding en het verouderingsproces. Nog nooit werd zo duidelijk uitgelegd dat wat we eten bepaalt hoe snel we verouderen. De voedselzandloper is niet alleen een boek dat vele diĆ«ten en voedingsmythes doorprikt, het is een nieuw model dat een alternatief biedt voor de verouderde schijf van vijf en voedseldriehoek. Het laat zien wat gezonde voeding is, maar vooral ook hoe we ongezonde voeding kunnen vervangen door gezonde alternatieven. Het boek legt tevens uit hoe we het verouderingsproces kunnen afremmen. Dat dit gezonde eetpatroon bovendien leidt tot gewichtsverlies is een aangename bijwerking!
This is a Dutch book with some renewing ideas on what is healthy to eat and what isn't. I'm not usually into books about health and eating patterns, but my dad was very enthusiastic about it (not often the case with books like this) so I'm going to give it a try.

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