Hi there!

 I've recently started university and moved to a different city. With big changes come new chances and I've therefore chosen to start this bookblog on blogspot! Those of you who are familiar with me on Goodreads or Tumblr know that I already owned a blog on tumblr under the exact same name. I had a lot of fun doing that, however, I felt that tumblr could not offer me everything I wanted to do with my blog. I therefore decided to change websites and try out some new things. And here we are!

I'm currently reuploading (and in some cases rewriting) my reviews. On my other blog you could find quotes, recommendations and tips for writing. In addition I'll be posting frequent updates on the books I'm reading, monthly bookthemes, book vs movie etc.

 More importantly, I MIGHT do a book giveaway once the blog has gained some followers. I'm lacking space in my new appartment and would very much like to make other readers happy by giving away books. Do note that this is still only an idea that I haven't researched. Whether or not I will be doing the giveaway depends entirely on costs AND the popularity of this blog.

 I really do hope that my blog will interest or help you in some way. More than anything I enjoy questions or messages, so don't hesitate to send some!

Without further ado: Welcome to Brilliant Bookshelf and enjoy! :)

Brilliant Bookshelf

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