Review: On Chesil Beach

◆ On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan
◆ Read December 2012
◆ English Edition
❝ It is 1962 when Edward and Florence, 23 and 22 respectively, marry and repair to a hotel on the Dorset coast for their honeymoon. They are both virgins, both apprehensive about what's next and in Florence's case, utterly and blindly terrified and repelled by the little she knows. Through a tense dinner in their room, because Florence has decided that the weather is not fine enough to dine on the terrace, they are attended by two local boys acting as waiters. The cameo appearances of the boys and Edward and Florence's parents and siblings serve only to underline the emotional isolation of the two principals. ❞
On Chesil Beach is one of those books that makes you think. Ian McEwan explores how one mistake - the lack of speaking your mind - can change your life forever. It teaches you that life is too short not to be honest with others, especially those you love.

Even though the book describes only only one night - a few hours to be precise - it is anything but boring. You get an insight on the main character's thoughts and the different view they have on the matter of their wedding night. Furthermore, it describes their love story. It is both endearing but also eye-opening. 

I have given it three stars  because it was sometimes monotome, but other than that it is a beautifully written story with a lesson you will remember. 

3 stars because:
✓ Developed characters
✓ Deeper meaning
✗ Monotone at certain points


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