Review: Listen To The Leaves

◆ Listen to the Leaves by Lisamarie Lamb, Yagni Payal, Cathy Graham, Ajo Despuig, Ann Partridge, Teodore Savu, Jamie DeBree, Mary Fleming and Carol R. Ward
◆ Read November 2012
◆ English Edition
❝ Celebrate fall with this multi-cultural collection of stories that explore what it means to listen to the leaves. Romance, suspense, poetic literature, vampires and fantasy - a little of everything from authors in five countries. What will the leaves tell you? ❞
When I found out that I would be receiving an advance reading copy of this book, I got really excited because I adore autumn. As soon as it was delivered by mail I started reading, and it has been an enjoyable experience!

The anthology features 9 stories by different authors, each different in content and style. However, there is one thing that combines them all, the theme of autumn. The stories explore what autumn really is and what makes it so beautiful and meaningful to people. 

Overall I liked most of the stories, but there are ofcourse always ones you like better than others. My favorites were Landscapes - because it touched me - and Listen to the Leaves - because I liked the mystery behind it, aswell as the signifance of "listening to the leaves" to the development of the plot. Out of all of them, these two stayed with me the most. Some others spoke less to me , but they were still a pleasant read. 

A positive thing about the anthology is that it is not just a collection of short stories. There are always recurring elements that link the stories together, like the term "listen to the leaves", grey scarfs and the woods. 

Something that could definitely use improving is the editing of the text because I stumbled upon spelling mistakes and quite a few paragraphs where sentences that weren't supposed to be there made the text confusing. Example: ".....and placed it on the table. and brought it on the table." as seen on page 23. 
Furthermore, there could have been a better balance in the length of the stories. Some were incredibly short, while others were much longer. The effect is that the shorter ones were less profound, which is a real shame. 

Overall, it is a good book though. One thing is for sure, it will definitely get you in the autumn spirit! 

3 stars because:
✓ Great exploration of theme
✓ Stories are connected by recurring elements
✗ Could use some more editing
✗ No balance in length of stories


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