Review: Minutes to Midnight

◆ Minutes to Midnight by H.R. Jackson
◆ Read October 2012
◆ English Audiobook Edition
❝ Mythics: Creatures and beings of legend, possessing extraordinary abilities. Morgan, an Amazonian outcast, and Dirk, a Viking courtesan, must work together to find out who is behind the rash of random Mythic transformations before chaos grips the city of Las Vegas. Sword and sorcery combined, they must race against the coming maelstrom before what happens in Vegas...changes everything.❞
It's been an incredibly long time since I've last been extremely excited about a book series, the last time being because of the Harry Potter series. And then this book comes along and does exactly that: making me anticipate the next one in the series.

I did not have high expectations when I downloaded the (audio) book, partly because I wasn't really impressed by the cover, but any doubts were thrown out the window as soon as I had finished the first chapter. At first I couldn't keep track of the characters, nor what on earth was going on. However, once I got over the initial panic I found out that everything would become clear over the course of time. 
So what did I love about this book so much? 

First thing that nearly had me jumping up and down in excitement was the language. The writers have a great ability to describe situations in the most vivid of ways. Even if it's a fantasy novel, you can clearly see in your mind what the scenery and characters look like with just enough freedom to imagine things of your own. 

Secondly, I loved the diversity in characters and how in-depth most of them were. You get to see their good sides, but also their flaws. Morgan, one of the narrators,  caught my attention in particular. It was great how the author(s) incorporated the Amazones from Greek mythology into a modern world. Morgan immediately proved to be a woman with the courage and power to fight for herself (despite the fact that she needed help along the way), which is something I like to see in female characters. I have grown tired of women being depicted as weak and needy, unable to take care of themselves. Morgan - and the other Amazones - were a welcome distraction because they had the perfect balance between being strong and needing help. 

Furthermore, the story has suspense, love, suffering, cool magic abilites AND most importantly: a plot twist that you did not anticipate.

I throroughly enjoyed Minutes to Midnight and can't wait for the second book in the series of The Nemesis Chronicles! 

5 stars because:
✓ Descriptive language
✓ Diversity in characters
✓ Unexpected plot twist
✓ Strong female character


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